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C.B.R. is the viewer you need to enjoy all your ebooks. It has an impressive feature list from library management, in memory reading to be quick and effective, multiple format support and conversion such as rar, zip, epub, xps. This is the most windows intuitive book reading software for any standard ebook format.

 C.B.R. for Windows 8...

Version 1.4 is available now on the store with performance improvments and sharing with CBRDesktop.

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Advertising has been enabled on the codeplex web site. You can also contribute through PayPal donation here or the product web site. Hope this will allow CBR to stay free and continue to live and evolve to new exciting functionalities!
Do not hesitate to click on the ads or to navigate. You will not make me richer, but this can pay me a coffee for my hard nights... ! 

Last news

CBR has joined the Facebook network and the product web site design has been updated with a metro like interface. Do not hesitate to share !

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  • Simple and intuitive interface with Office like ribbon
  • Library management with functions like filtering, sorting, grouping, adding file or folders, deleting, removing
  • Performance reached by "in memory" reading for quick reading and multitasking - discover 150 new comics in less than 10 secondes, open sized like library in less than 3 seconds
  • Multiple document support and toolboxes for explorers, table of contents
  • Single or two page view for comics
  • Zoom, magnifier and full screen for effective reading
  • Usb comppliant devices detection, management and browsing
  • Special rss feed management and browser
  • Introduce a new dynamic format
  • Simulators for Phone and Tablets
  • Dynamic book properties to extend to your needs
  • Multilanguage support with localize engine, fr-en-de are provided by default
  • Internal RSS feed to be informed by all product news
  • Supported formats : ZIP, RAR, CBZ, CBR, XPS, ePUB
  • Convertable formats : Images, ZIP, RAR, CBZ, CBR, XPS, PDF
    Supported formats to come : Images, HTML, PDF (with external reader)


Visist the documentation tab to get tutorials, screenshots, localize support information, external links...




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